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THE AIM AND OBJECTIVES OF THIS ASSOCIATION IS (i) To unify Assistant Audit Officers (Commercial) and Section Officers (Commercial) working in the INDIAN AUDIT AND ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT under the banner of the Commercial Audit Association of Assistant Audit Officers (Commercial) and Section Officers (Commercial) (ii) To safeguard and promote interests which are common to Assistant Audit Officers (Commercial) and Section Officers (Commercial)working the INDIAN AUDIT AND ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT, who are members of the Association of Assistant Audit Officers (Commercial) and Section Officers (Commercial) (iii) To work for the improvement of efficiency and output of the employees and thus render effective service to the Nation. (iv) To assist in fostering the growth of Social & Cultural activities of employees collectively with a view to enhancing efficiency of the employees.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A special conference of the All India Audit and Accounts Association is held at New delhi on 16th and 17th of October 2008, to discuss the following.
1. To ratify the decision of Confederation to go on indefinite strike on the Charter of Demands including minimum wage, fitment formula, abolition of Gr D posts etc

2. To consider the Draft Constitution for the proposed Trust and finalise the Constitution of the Trust; granting approval for the Constitution and registration of a Trust as per the approved Constitution.

In the year 1995, All India Audit & Accounts Association purchased one dwelling unit from Ghaziabad Development Authority at Sector 15, Vasundhara (1089). It was purchased in the name of Com AB Sen, the then Secretary General. Subsequently, we purchased one more-adjoining- dwelling unit from CITU which was allotted in the name of Com MK Pandhe (1090). These are continuing in the names of these two comrades, as no mechanism was evolved to transfer the property. Com Pandhe has been continuously insisting for the transfer of the rights of 15/1090 in favour of our Association without any further delay.
It was in 2005, the NE decided to take steps for transfer of property in the name of the Association. Accordingly, in consultation with Chartered Accountants & Advocates, a draft Trust deed has been finalised. The same is enclosed. Finalisation of Trust deed and registration of the trust would accelerate the transfer of the buildings to the Trust (if ably supported by finances).

3. To Consider Departmental Level issues as fallout of implementation 6 CPC recommendations, redrafting the Charter of Demands, future course of actions there on.

The report of 6 CPC itself has left some bad taste. The comment that “…the government has never conceded the principle of parity between Assistants of CSS and the Senior Auditors/Accountants in various organised Account Department including IA&AD” (Para 7.56.8) is the worst of its kind and utter misrepresentation of facts. Though it is not a conclusion by itself, it is a statement that could be used against us in future. Our demand to approach the government to get this statement corrected has not been acted upon by the CAG.
The recommendation of SCPC for upgrading the 4500-7000 to 6500-10500 – initially accepted by CAG administration – has been referred to DOPT, which in turn has turned it down.
In Chapter 7.56, the CPC discusses the following cadres in IA&AD: Sr Auditor/Accountant, Section Officer, Assistant Audit/Accounts officer, Accounts/Audit officer/Sr Accounts/Audit Officer. (Para 7.56.9 recommends merger of AAO and AO cadres, placing it at par with SO). It also discusses the scale of Divisional Accountant, Divisional Accounts Officer Gr II, Divisional Accounts Officer Grade I and Sr Divisional Accounts officer.
Para 7.56.4 speaks about the hierarchical structure of IA&AD where in Auditor/Accountant cadre has been mentioned. But when it came to cadre wise discussion, Auditor/Accountant has not been discussed. But under the caption ‘other posts in IA&AD’ (para 7.56.10) it is stated: “Commission has separately recommended parity between Secretariat and non-Secretariat organisation in Chapter 3.1 of the Report. Recommendations have also been made for various common categories posts in Chapter 3.8. These recommendations will also extend to the posts in IA&AD.”
Chapter 3.8 discusses the pay scale of Accounts Staff belonging to unorganised Accounts cadres. Hence, this will not apply to Auditor/Accountant of IA&AD. Para 3.1.14 , the table given below it, very clearly states that 4500-7000 is upgraded and placed at PB 2 with GP of 4200. A clear-cut recommendation has been misinterpreted by the CAG administration leading to denial of the upgraded scale to Auditors/Accountants.
Placement of Auditor/Accountant in PB2 with GP of 4200 would naturally lead to a demand for upgradation of SA so as to maintain the vertical relativity.
The cadre restructuring has been undone by merging the SO and AAO cadres. It is therefore to be demanded that AAO be granted GP of 5400, AOs GP of 6600 and SAOs GP of 7600 so as to retain the hierarchical pattern as per the cadre restructuring.
Section I, part B of the Notification enables the CAG to move the MOF for upgrading the pay scale of Private Secretaries. This should be demanded.
In the light of 6 CPC recommendations, we may modify our charter of demands in the following manner and mobilise the employees for achievement of these demands through agitation including industrial action.
As almost all LDCs are working on computers, there is practically no distinction between them and DEOs. Hence LDCs may be upgraded and granted GP of 2400. There shall be no separate cadre of DEOs.

4. To Decide on special fund collection and Strengthening of Head Quarter functioning.

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