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THE AIM AND OBJECTIVES OF THIS ASSOCIATION IS (i) To unify Assistant Audit Officers (Commercial) and Section Officers (Commercial) working in the INDIAN AUDIT AND ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT under the banner of the Commercial Audit Association of Assistant Audit Officers (Commercial) and Section Officers (Commercial) (ii) To safeguard and promote interests which are common to Assistant Audit Officers (Commercial) and Section Officers (Commercial)working the INDIAN AUDIT AND ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT, who are members of the Association of Assistant Audit Officers (Commercial) and Section Officers (Commercial) (iii) To work for the improvement of efficiency and output of the employees and thus render effective service to the Nation. (iv) To assist in fostering the growth of Social & Cultural activities of employees collectively with a view to enhancing efficiency of the employees.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Suggestions / Comments are invited from the members on the charter of demands
Charter of Demands

1. a) Vacate victimization of Association activists.

b) Allow democratic functioning of Association without interference from administration

2. Strengthen Audit & Accounts to Safeguard People’s Rights

a) Stop down sizing; Stop outsourcing & privatisation of Audit & Accounts; Scrap curtailment/shedding of Audit functions in the name of Audit Plan.

b) Ensure continuance of the existing Accounting and Auditing methodologies and appropriate party days with scientific work norms.

c) Ensure effective Panchayati Raj Audit & Accounts by sanctioning more posts.

3. Upgrade all LDC to PB 1 GP 2400 (4000-6000 pre-revised); merge LDC & DEO and grant the following pay scales to other cadres

Auditor/Accountant : PB2, GP 4200

SA : PB2, GP 4600

SO//Private Secretary : PB2, GP 4800

AAO : PB2, GP 5400

AO : PB3, GP 6600

SAO : PB3, GP 7600

4. Fill up all vacant posts and sanction adequate post as per the agreement of 16.10.1992.

5. a) Amend Company Law and DPC Act for Audit of Public Sector Undertakings & Corporations even after reduction of Government share to below 50%.

b) Amend Company Law to ensure the Audit by IA&AD of all Public Limited Companies listed with Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

c) Enact necessary law to bring audit of all public Financial Institutions by IA&AD.

6. Permit graduate Gr.D employees to appear SOG Examination as before.

7. Step up of pay of senior promotees who exhausted ACP, in the event of juniors drawing more pay on getting ACP.

8. Grant ACP on hierarchical pattern.

9. Re-designate Supervisor as Section Officer & grant further promotion as AO/SAO

10. Grant promotion to employees against the direct recruitment quota.

11. Regularise the ad-hoc Section officers by creating sufficient posts, promote all SOGE passed hands as one time measure

12. Restore unilateral transfer policy.

13. Restoration of provision of Metal Passes to AAO’s working in Railway Audit Offices.

14. i) Restore the scheme of granting three increments on passing departmental Confirmatory examination.

ii) Restore the scheme of granting of SO increment rate on passing SOG examination till regular promotion.

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